To all visitors: Kalvos & Damian is now a historical site reflecting nonpop
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Chronicle of the NonPop Revolution

A Picture Tour of K&D

In the House in 2008

In the House in August 2008
In the House in August 2008
K&D went in the house -- literally -- in 2008. Here is a picture of our recording setup in Kalvos's guest room, set up for our Skype interviews. Our mixer routes our local mix to the computer input so our guest can hear, and also it goes to our flashcard recorder. We get the full mix, including the guest, for monitoring. Our guest records and sends or uploads the recording. Oh -- when guests actually visit us, we set up in the living room downstairs. With snacks.

Our New Studio in 2005

New Studio June 2005
Our new studio went into operation in early 2005. It's down the hall from the old studio, has mostly new equipment and a nice quiet new board. It was funded by the community at large.

Some Newer Pictures

The Transmission Tower 1

The Transmission Tower 2
The WGDR transmission tower puts out a massive 912 watts. Oh, sure, not much -- but its reach online is far vaster. It's a community station, meaning its cash flow is always strapped, and all programs are produced, directed, and engineered by volunteers.

The Transmission Tower 3
Yes, there's also a satellite dish for the BBC and various independent shows. It's at the bottom of the tower, and winter demands that the snow be swept off regularly.

Studio A in 2004
Studio A has improved since the photos taken below. There are new turntables, new CD players, new cassette machines, a faster computer, improved telephone lines, and total rewiring for a quieter signal. The promise is for a new board to replace this relic -- a good relic, nevertheless -- and the studio continues to improve despite serving such a small geographic area.

Mark Michaelis
Here's Mark Michaelis. You hear his voice every two weeks right after K&D.

J. Willis Pratt
And here's Willis Pratt. You hear his voice every week with headbanging tunes right before K&D.

The Classic Shots, So to Speak

 K and D new music CDs and LPs K and D cassettes and software 
The K&D new music CD and LP collection has grown since the late 1998 picture at the left, but the cassette collection has (fortunately!) remained stable in this photo a year later. The software required, alas, grows alarmingly!

 K and D web production center WGDR Studio A 
The K&D's web production center is always in chaos with its humped-up computers, but WGDR's Studio A is neat and trim. We use a pair of Windows PCs and produce all the pages you read here by hand -- at least for the moment. Supplies (especially DATs and CDRs) are always sought!

 K and D Studio A at the moment of broacast 
Studio A is all set up and ready to roll the opening of a K&D show. The weekly essay is to the right, and an interview playlist is scribbled to the left. A bag of forbidden crunchies is in sight! Oh no! WGDR's old production board is still serviceable, but they are seeking contributions for an updated animal.

 Kalvos ready to talk Damian after the essay 
Here Kalvos, in formal broadcast-day attire, is announcing an exciting CD he has clearly failed to appreciate, while Damian relaxes after the usual successful essay is read and enjoyed by our audient.

 Damian reads the power Talkin the talk 
Damian is reading the transmitter values as if he understands them. This photo was taken in 2003, and shows how much has changed in four years since the above tour was done. And there's Kalvos, about to make a comment that only he will comprehend, and that on a good day.

 Kalvos talks to Tom Setting up with Bert 
Kalvos is talking to Tom Heasley during a live broadcast concert. And before that, Kalvos and Bert Klunder of WGDR discuss the impossibility of having a tuba fit into a radio.